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Setting The Pace

The Chicago Bears have found their man for the vacant GM position. Ryan Pace who has spent the last 14 years with the New Orleans Saints receiving promotion after promotion. In what came as a bit of a shock the Bears announced Pace would take over at the position.

            An Eastern Illinois grad and former college teammate to Tony Romo, Pace is the youngest GM in the NFL as of now at the age of 37.  There is reason for optimism for Bears fans under the leadership of Pace. He was a part of a winning organization with the New Orleans Saints and that makes him a worthy man for the job. What we learned from watching Pace’s introductory press conference is that he is a very intellectual man and he knows what it takes to win. When he was asked if the Bears could win with Jay Cutler Pace said, “I don’t know.” Pace has not met Jay and he does not want to come up with an opinion before he meets the QB. Pace acknowledges his strengths and weaknesses, which is a very important factor for a leader. I thought he knew what he wanted to do and he knew that his strength was evaluating players. He does not know much about the money side of football so I am sure on his staff he will have a couple money men.

            Bears fans can rejoice knowing that their team will be put in a position to win. Ryan Pace knows what he wants to do and he sounds like he knows how to get there.

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